No K.O.s in Karate, Your Brain is Safe!

You read that right, your sanity is not put at risk if you participate in a Karate competition.

*We’re talking about point Karate, like the one used by the World Karate Federation, the one that will be featured for the first time in the Olympics in 2020*

How does that make any sense? Isn’t the point of a fight to knock the other person out cold?

Well not in this sport.

You can hit as hard as you can to the body, it’s still a fight! But you must preserve the mental integrity of all your opponents. Without them, there is no tournament. They will do the same for you.

You can still go for the head. But the goal here is to deliver a technique at full speed with the proper body mechanics, timing, and CONTROL showing to the judges that if you had wanted to, you could have K.O.ed the other person right there.

Control means that you are allowed light contact; just enough for a good smack, without inflicting brain damage. As I said, it is still a fight.

This system of scoring points instead of inflicting damage favors

  1. a longer career
  2. multiple fights in the same event
  3. more fights in a career
  4. more fun, because no one likes a concussion
  5. and most importantly, a longer healthier life

This also makes for a perfect stand-up combat sport for those persuing a degree like Alexandra Recchia from France who is 2 times World Champion AND a lawyer or Douglas Brose from Brazil who is also 2 times World Champion AND has a degree in Sports Education.

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