How I Wake Up at 2:30 am Every Day and How I Stay Up

I have to wake up at 2:30 in the morning every day. These are a few hacks that I use to wake up super early, but most importantly, to STAY AWAKE!

How I wake myself up

  1. I leave my alarm clock in a separate room. That way, I have to get up in order to be able to turn it off. This on its own wakes up your muscles. It also helps that my wife DOES NOT wake up as early (but who does?) Therefore, I get up fast so that I can turn off the alarm before it wakes her. The body is awake! But that’s the easy part. Gotta wake up the mind.
  2. First, to make sure I do not sleep through my alarm, I use an alarm that does not turn off by itself. I use the Alarm Clock Xtreme app. You can set it up to never turn off, and it’s FREE. Now that my body is awake, I wake up my mind. And that’s really the secret to be able to stay awake.

How I stay awake

  1. The first way to wake up your brain is using the Alarm Clock Xtreme app itself. You can set it up in a way that you need to solve math problems! You read that right, get your mind working and that will get rid of the morning drowsiness. You can set the difficulty of the equations and you can chose to solve many in order to turn off the alarm.
  2. The second way (and that’s the way I use) is still in the Alarm Clock Xtreme app. It’s a much simpler way and does not wake you as much. You can set the app to turn off by entering captcha. It’s a lot faster but still forces you to read and write, and therefore making a few neurones work.Screenshot_2017-05-30-12-10-52
  3. The final step of my process, to ensure a full mental awakening, is a Lumosity workout! Lumosity is something we could call an IQ website, and they have an app. It offers you games to develop your cerebral abilities. You can create an account and Lumosity will recommend daily workouts of 5 games depending on your preferences. The brain abilities are Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility and Problem Solving. Everytime you play a game, your score is recorded and the difficulty will automatically adapt to how good you are. And just like any online game, you can compare your score against other users. The membership does have a cost. I’ve been using for 5 years and do not regret any penny spent.

There you have it!

If like me you need to wake up really early, or if you simply have a hard time getting out of bed, try one, many or all my tips to help kick-start your day!

2 thoughts on “How I Wake Up at 2:30 am Every Day and How I Stay Up

  1. Neila Zebdji June 2, 2017 — 15:57

    J’adore ton article !


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