A G-SHOCK Is the Most Resistant Watch I Ever Had

About a year ago, my wife gifted me with a watch. A G-Shock. A Casio Men’s G-Shock GA100-1A4 Digital Resin Quartz Watch to be precise.


I kissed her and thought to myself “This is a great gift. Too bad it will not last…”

I had that thought because of my past experiences with watches. For as far as I can remember, my watches never survived.

I lost a few. I lost a calculator watch some guy gave me while he was high. That made me very sad 😦 (Not that the guy was high, but the fact that I lost a calculator watch!) I always wanted one when I was a kid and only finally got it when I was 23! Then lost it 2 weeks later…

Some I softly threw on my stuff, and broke. I did not throw them hard. I was at the gym and the watch was annoying me. So I took it off and simply let it fall on my shirt and towel. The glass cracked and the hands stopped moving!

Some broke because I bumped into something or someone. I was climbing another tree (like normal people do) and barely brushed a branch with my wrist. That was enough to stop my watch from functioning.

Some simply stopped working! WTF?!

Well not this one!

I had given up wearing watches. I had given up wearing any accessories as a matter of fact! Util I received this great gift.

I’ve had it for a year now, I’ve thrown it, dropped it, bumped it, traveled with it, played with it and it is in perfect working condition!!!


Not only is it still alive, but it has a few cool and useful features.

The obvious

Obviously, it tells the time, with or without daylight saving. Both electronically and with the hands. The cool part is that when you set the time, you do it by by choosing the time zone you are in and the hands move on their own! I live in Montreal, so I set the time zone to NYC.

An uncommon feature

One thing it has that not many watches do is a timer. And I use it daily. It’s actually my favorite feature.

For those who don’t know the difference between a stopwatch and a timer: A stopwatch counts time from 00:00 seconds forward until you decide to stop it. A timer counts time backward from a value you decide (ex: 34:00 min) to 00:00 and beeps when it’s time out.

I use it at the gym to set my 02:00 min rest time.
Or yet when I do the laundry and I don’t want to keep track of time or calculate at what time I need to set an alarm for when the load will be finished.
Or even when I train people to be able to concentrate on the content I’m giving instead of monitoring the time.

Moreover, you can set the timer in a loop. For example, when I stretch, I set the timer in a 03:00 minutes loop and I can concentrate on the different poses and relaxing without having to bend and twist to look at a watch or a cellphone.


Go international

The other feature I find really useful (which makes it my second favorite) is the World Time option. Here’s how it work: Whenever I’m in a different time zone (which happens at least twice yearly) I set the World Time to that specific time zone. So I get the local time digitally and I know what time it is back home on the dial.

For example, if I go to Hong Kong, I set the World Time to the HKG time zone, and I can keep track of the time it is back home.


Now I realize that the example is terrible seeing how it is the same time on a watch in Hong Kong that it is here in Montreal. But to be clear, on the picture above, it is 3:49 AM in Hong Kong but 3:49 PM in Montreal.

All the other common features

It also does the usual things. It tells the date, it has a stopwatch, you can set alarm clocks, and the dial lights up at the touch of a button.Casio-G-Shock-GA100-9

Finally, it is next to impossible to lose due to its size

All in all, I simply LOVE the Casio Men’s G-Shock GA100-1A4 Digital Resin Quartz Watch. It’s extremely resistant! It has uncommon features. And it’s red 😛 (My favorite color)

If like me you have a very active life and don’t like to wear accessories because they break, or you lose them, get a G-Shock. They come in different colors 🙂

Click here (eBay) for all the different G-Shock models, or here (Amazon).

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