Karate Mechanics for Kumite[Sparring] 1 – Basic Stance

In any stand-up martial art, fighters take a stance. They are all different from one martial art to another.

The karate basic stance, called fudodachi, is a wider stance than others.

If you are right-handed, your left foot is forward (and vice-versa). From a front view, feet are slightly narrower than shoulder-width. From a side view, the stance is twice to three times longer than the width. Both knees are bent. The weight is distributed equally on both legs. The front foot is pointed forward. The back foot is slightly pointed outward (to the right if it is the right foot, vice-versa). Heels do not touch the floor.

Hands are closed in fists. The front hand (left hand if your left leg is forward and vice-versa) is at your opponent’s face level. The back fist is at your opponent’s belly level. Both elbows stay close to your body.


Stay tuned for more info on kumite.

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