Karate Mechanics for Kumite[Sparring] 4 – Mae-geri

This is the fourth lesson on basic kumite. In this one, we begin using our feet to score points.

For the previous lesson on basic hand techniques, visit Karate Mechanics for Kumite[Sparring] 3 – Basic Hand Techniques.


Mae-geri is the first kick to learn. It is commonly known as the front kick.

From the basic stance and before the strike itself, there is a transitional leg position. It is called ‘to chamber’ a kick. Begin by lifting your knee and aim for your target with it. Your leg is bent, your foot points forward and your toes point towards the ceiling.

For the chambered position, quickly extend and flex your leg back to the chambered position. Be as quick extending as you are flexing. Being as fast forward and backward is called ‘to snap back’ or ‘a snap back’.

On the impact, make sure to point your foot forward and to point your toes up and back! If you don’t, it will not be a good day for your toes.

You can use Mae-geri with your back leg or your front leg. Only use Mae-geri to the body[chudan] in a sparring match. (You can use it wherever for self-defense; shins, knees, groin, etc.)

Stay tuned for more basic Kumite lessons!

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