Understanding Olympic Karate 01

Get ready for the 2020 Summer Olympics and one of its new sports: KARATE!

Karate is an ancient martial art finding its roots as far back as 1372. It has evolved greatly and is being practiced as an international sport as well as a martial art.

Now, Karate has evolved into many different styles and many associations have been created. The only one recognized by the International Olympic Committee is the World Karate Federation [WKF]. Karate at the Olympic Games will follow the WKF rules.

It is not a simple combat sport to follow for those who don’t practice it. It is not as straight forward as hitting the other person until they faint.
There are many things to know to be able to understand and enjoy a karate match!

Here is the #1 thing to understand

Punches score 1 point

Kicks to the body score 2 points

Kicks to the head score 3 points

A take-down followed by a successful technique on an opponent with both their shoulders on the ground scores 3 points

In this first video, you’ll see many punches score 1 point, body kicks score 2 points (6:34, 10:32), and head kicks score 3 points (10:18, 20:34).

Finally, in this video, you can see 3 points scored on a take-down (0:37, 3:57).

You are one step closer to understanding the new Olympic sport that is Karate.

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