Intermediate Kumite 1 – Main Combat Actions

This is the first lesson on intermediate kumite. You now know the two basic hand techniques, maegeri, kizami-mawashi, mawashi, kizami-ura-mawashi and ura-mawashi.

If you don’t, you can go back to each lesson one at a time using the links at the end of the post, or simply use the link to see all of the lessons at once.

In this lesson, we’ll take a break from techniques and take the time to understand the different actions of a fight. This lesson stands for karate as well as for any other martial art and/or combat sport.

Attack – Sen

The first and most basic action is the Attack[Sen]. This is when you decide to score a point. Simple enough.

It is important that you move your whole body on all of your attacks. Basically, both your feet must move forward.

Counter-attack – Go-no-Sen

The second action is called a Counter-attack[Go-no-Sen]. This is when your opponent attacks; you block or escape and immediately retaliate with an attack of your own.
In other words, a counter-attack is an attack immediately following a block or an escape.

Once again, it is very important that you move your whole body on the escape AND on the counter-attack. So both feet move back or sideways, and right after forward.

Timing – Sen-no-Sen

The third main time is called a Timing[Sen-no-Sen] (or Interception). This one requires guts! A timing is when your opponent initiates an attack, and you attack before they are done with their attack.
In other words, you attack AS the opponent initiates their attack.

On a timing with a hand technique, be careful not to move your body forward TOO MUCH. The tip is to move only your front foot forward. The rest of the distance will be covered by the attacker.

On a timing with a kick, you must move back. You can either simply lean back as far as you can. Or, if the attacker moves too fast forward, take a step back while you kick. WHILE you kick, not BEFORE you kick.

Stay tuned for more basic Kumite lessons!

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