Intermediate Kumite 2 – Intermediate Hand Techniques

This is the first lesson on intermediate kumite. You now know the two basic hand techniques, maegeri, kizami-mawashi, mawashi, kizami-ura-mawashi and ura-mawashi.

If you don’t, you can go back to beginner kumite.

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at two new hand techniques.


‘Uraken’ means ‘back-fist’. It is a circular hand technique that uses the back of the hand. Rapidly snap back the back of your hand on the side of the head of your opponent.

You can use Uraken with either the front hand, ‘Kizami-uraken’, or with the back hand, ‘Gyaku-uraken’. Uraken always goes to the face!


‘Oi-tsuki’ means ‘lunge punch’, as in stepping forward with a punch. In Kumite, the punch happens before the step. Start with a long range Gyaku-tsuki. It means that you need to throw the punch so far that you might fall IF… Step 2, after the impact, take a full step forward with your back leg.

Two important things here. 1. After the impact, IMMEDIATELY pull back your hand BEFORE you take a step forward. It is so that you do not inflict excessive contact. 2. Your feet don’t move at the beginning of your technique, as opposed to Kizami-tsuki or Gyaku-tsuki. The forward body movement will happen when you take a step with your back leg.

Oi-tsuki always goes to the head.

Stay tuned for more intermediate Kumite lessons!

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