Intermediate Kumite 3 – Kekomi

This is the first lesson on intermediate kumite. You now know the two basic hand techniques, maegeri, kizami-mawashi, mawashi, kizami-ura-mawashi and ura-mawashi.

If you don’t, you can go back to beginner kumite.

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at a new kick.


‘Kekomi’ is a ‘side push kick’.

Lift your foot just enough that you will not hit the knee or thigh of your opponent. Once your foot is high enough, extend your leg sharply as you pivot your support foot in the opposite direction and your body sideways.

On the impact, the kicking foot is turned parallel to the ground. You hit with the sole of your foot.

You can use Kekomi with your front foot, ‘Kizami-kekomi’, or with your back foot, ‘Kekomi’. Always use Kekomi chudan[body] in a sparring match.

You can use Kekomi to the face, the groin, even the knees in self defense.

Stay tuned for more intermediate Kumite lessons!

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