Intermediate Kumite 4 – Kekomi

This is the fourth lesson on intermediate kumite. You now know the two basic hand techniques, maegeri, kizami-mawashi, mawashi, kizami-ura-mawashi and ura-mawashi.

If you don’t, you can go back to beginner kumite.

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at a new kick.


‘Ushiro’ means ‘back’. ‘Ushiro-geri’ is a ‘back kick’.

Let’s say you have the left leg in front. Pivot to your right, bringing your right foot to your left foot, showing your back to your opponent, keep your knees bent.Chamber your kick by bringing your right heel to your butt.

Extend your right leg towards your opponent, keep your right foot pointed down and your right foot pointed in the opposite direction of your opponent.Hit with the heel.

Bring back your right leg to the chamber position and get back in Fudodachi[fighting stance]

(Vice-versa if you have your right leg in front)

Always use Ushiro-geri chudan[stomach level].

Stay tuned for more intermediate Kumite lessons!

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