What’s it about?


My name is Arrow, and my passion is Karate!

I started in 2005, in Montreal. I started competing in the WKF in Quebec in 2011.

I’ve had my ups and downs in my relationship with Karate, but right now, I have a one track mind:

I will win the 2020 Olympic Gold medal in -75 Kg Kumite!

So far, I tried to make a website about Karate, where one could come and learn about the artform and the sport. But I’ve been too busy training and competing. I lost my focus and now I’m back.

This website is for me. I will use it as a sort of notebook to keep me on track. You are more than welcome to follow along. But why would you?

Well, what I hope you can find in me is an inspiration and an ally in pursuing your own goals and dreams. I am motivated, I have a positive attitude, and I have a normal life on the side! I was brought up in a middle-class family, I go to school, I’m married, I have pets and I play the guitar (a little bit).

I hope you can find, in my stories, a resemblance to your own life and story, and that we can share the way we see things and how we walk the path to the dream!

Also, I’ll still be working slowly, really slowly, on writing karate content if you ever wanna train or learn about Karate, so give it a look and tell me what you think!

– Arrow –

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