Understanding Olympic Karate 1

Get ready for 2020, a new sport is on the list, and it was about time!

Karate is a martial arts that takes roots as far back as 1372. It evolved to be practiced as a sport as well as a martial art.

For the first time in its history, it will be featured in the Summer Olympic Games.

To be able to watch it and enjoy it, you must understand the rules. Karate is not a simple stand-up combat sport. It is not all about hitting the other person until they are knocked out.

#1 thing to understand

Let’s start with this.

A punch is worth 1 point

A kick to the body is worth 2 points

A kick to the face is 3 points

A take-down immediately followed by a successful technique on an opponent with both shoulders on the ground is 3 points

In this match featuring Japan vs Belarus, you’ll see all sorts of punches score 1 point and a head kick scoring 3 points (3:13) with a Scorpion Kick.

In this video, you can see many punches score 1 point, body kicks score 2 points (6:33; 10:32) and head kicks score 3 points (10:18; 20:34)


And finally, an example of 3 points scored with a take-down (0:36; 3:57)


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